Image of the map of Greater Manchester, showing all the 10 districts in different colours.

The Greater Manchester Disabled People’s Panel (GMDPP) was created as an initiative between Disabled People’s Organisations and the Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. We aim to ensure that disabled people’s involvement in all aspects of running and planning for the future of the city region are better represented. So that our lives and rights improve, because as ever, we say- Nothing About Us, Without Us!

We do things differently here, we are pioneers, we are the only city region doing this at the moment, we hope the idea spreads!


Application for new members

We are looking for new member organisations! Greater Manchester Disabled People’s Panel (GMDPP) gmdisabledpeoplespanel.com The GMDPP is made up of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO- that is organisations majority run and staffed by disabled people) across GM. It operates at the highest strategic level with the GM Mayor Andy Burnham and GM Combined Authority to advise, consult, influence,…

Statement on Shielding & Covid Strategy

GM Disabled People’s Panel’s position on shielding: The issue is not about shielding itself but the way that it has been implemented which has led to the harmful exclusion of disabled people. Rather than being used as an essential aspect of a multifaceted strategy, it has been relied upon with other approaches sidelined. Even though…

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